Paper Business
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Refresh, and go.
Bouldin Creek Ranch. #FinnDesign
Home away from home.
Working on a mobile website redesign. #wireframe #ux #ui
The weekend is here and now it’s time to relax like a king. #wallmural
It’s up to us to explore the unknown.
You would think I’m in Portland! #savannahtexas
It will all be ok.
Spring is finally here!
Mod architecture in Dallas.
I’m usually against faux plants, but J. Crew won me over with these paper replicas!
A friend of mine made me this awesome glass centerpiece. #bullseyeglass
I turned 26 today and went to the Chinese Lantern Festival! #ChineseLFDallas
We went to see @TyBishop’s art piece in the Vast 125 exhibition!
Looking up and spotted these geometric shapes.